ETF-Survey (B2C)

Together with university of mainz and Boerse online, MC4MS accomplished an exchange traded funds survey in the german private client market in 2012. Almost 400 ETF-investors and potential investors took part and gave us a deep look into the german retail ETF market.  



Family Office Survey Germany

In this survey we asked family offices in germany comprehensive about their investment strategy and their requirements & selection criterias of asset managers. 39 Single-Family-Office (SFO) and Multi-Family-Office (MFO) took part in this survey. 


Investment fund sales surveys

Together with university of mainz MC4MS accomplished the investment fund survey in January/February 2009. 374 professionals in sales and the central sector (decider in the buying center like product manager) of banks, saving banks, independent advisors and insurance companies in the german market had been interviewed. The surveys gives a deep insight of what investment fund companies have to provide to establish or improve their third-party-sales and what sales channels need.

Recruiting survey

MC4MS accomplished together with the well-known Klaus-J. Fink a recruiting survey in the financial market in germany in January/February 2009. The recruiting survey provides a lot of information how sales people / investment advisor are recruited from banks, insurance companies, financial sales organisations and home and loan societies in the german market.

ETF-Survey (B2B)

Together with the magazine Portfolio International MC4MS conducted a survey concerning Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).  In this survey we interviewed advisors of different types of banks and sales organizations serving different type of clients like Retail and Private Banking with different kind of fee models and income models. Themes had been: Knowledge of ETF, ales of ETF, Client-Experiences with ETF,  valuation of ETF  competitors etc.



Together with berater e.V. and the partner PORTFOLIO INTERNATIONAL and berater e.V. University of Mainz MC4MS conducted a survey about the new withholding tax ("Abgeltungssteuer") in Germany starting 2009.